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  Jared G.
Albany, NY

As of today, better pizza than I Love. Never thought I'd say those words.
The crust is crispy, seasoned, and not flat and pale. The sauce is delicious, and the cheese is perfectly cooked and fresh. I ordered over the phone to pick up and when I got there they missed I ordered a large cheese. That was actually probably my fault, the cell reception at my house is bad. So he immediately made one fresh. Only took a few minutes. He could have told me he had lots of pizzas in queue and I'll have to wait - but he didn't. The wings were mango habanero, and they were quite tasty. Pleasant spice. I'm just not sure I'm on board with the wood theme, pun ... eh, intended I guess. Anything that could be wood, is wood. It's Ron Swanson's dream pizza place. I went again and ordered one quick cheese slice, and he gave me two for the price of one. Awesome! Nice people. Great pizza.

Casper Y.
Millwood, NY



Love wood fired pizza, it's hard to find a pizza place around the capital district that offers wood fired pizza. Andrew and his professional pizzaiolos work diligently to provide their customers the freshest wood fired pizza! I really love the Adirondack cabin-styled decor here, the restaurant feels cozy, welcoming and inviting- I suggest you guys give it a try!

  Brett B.
Latham, NY

Great crust, Great taste. Italian Ice looked great.

Frankie G.
Troy, NY

Great tasty pizza and crust. Love the pizzeria decor.


Nina F..
Albany, NY

Ordered a pizza for pickup. I was told 10 minutes. I went there in about 10 minutes and food was fresh and hot and ready to go. The staff was very nice, decor of the place was very nice as well. The pizza........AMAZING!!!! This place is definitely one of my new favorites.

  Philip P.
Albany, NY

I know this is too early for a review since they have barely been open 2 weeks, but seeing a yelped review days after they been open I feel is way too early, I believe in giving a private business little time to iron out the wrinkles. Me and my wife arrived on a busy Friday, of course nothing is gonna be perfect when a restaurant just opened But nothing too big to complain about. Service was good. Food was great especially the pizza, the dough was airy and crispy, this is what a wood fired oven does to pizzas. My wife is a big salad person so we ordered a salad, very crispy, fresh. Not much parking but trumans didn't either, and they were there 50 years or so. It's like lark st, if you have good food it doesn't matter they will find it 90% of parking spots on lark are taken by employees. We will be returning.



Liza Demars

The best pizza I've ever eaten. Friendly staff and beautiful decor. I'll definitely be back!


Michael Neidl

Wow. This place may have the best pizza I've ever had. And this is coming from a dude who's used to grabbing slices in Brooklyn. This place has a great indoor atmosphere, fantastic chefs who interact with you while you eat and take interest in their work. And of course a cute girl at the counter to take your order. They have a couple of nice beers on tap for anyone who dines in, TVS to enjoy while you eat. I highly recommend dining in or ordering, whichever. Deffinitely get a nice family owned vibe from this place!